Why didn't Jesus write the Bible?

Got an interesting question - the Bible is generally considered 'divinely inspired' or whatever, and obviously we can all agree that God did not directly write it.  My question is this:  Why didn't Jesus write anything himself?  We have stories which were allegedly written about him and/or his followers, but no letters or love notes or postcards from the man himself.  He was obviously literate, as he read the 'scriptures' all the time.  I realize that this doesn't mean that he could write, but if he was God that would be a silly argument.  

This is sort of an extension to the idea that a perfect 'God' would be able to write a Bible that would never need translation/interpretation/faith (because he's perfect), but it goes a little deeper - if I am right about the Bible being a collection of stories, myths, and constant re-writes, then why wouldn't anyone have bothered to just make up a story coming from Jesus himself?  It is possible that such writings DID exist prior to the Council of Nicaea, and they just got thrown out of the finished product.  If this is the case, though, then Christians will only say 'The holy spirit knew that it was a forgery, so it led the council members to reject it', which might even be plausible - if we actually had all of the documents that were available at the time.

Any thoughts?


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