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Methodological Naturalism Explained - Why Science Can't Consider The Supernatural

I am going to make a bold statement."For all practical purposes, it is always irrational to assign a supernatural cause to an event observed in the natural world."
Now I am going to attempt to back up that statement.

The only reason (of which I am aware) to assign a supernatural cause to a given event is the following:
"I do not currently understand the details and outcome of this observation given my current state of knowledge and understanding of the natural world." Also, I suspect that many of you would prefer to add the caveat "And the details and outcome of this event are consistent with a particular supernatural belief or belief system", but that is clearly an example of circular reasoning and cannot be a valid part of this discussion.  The supernatural belief or belief system is, in fact, the item in question, or to be more accurate, the observation cannot be assigned a cause which has not been demonstrated, it can only be assigned a hypothesized c…