We Need More Debate

I don't know if there just isn't enough debate, or if we just don't pay enough attention to it, but either way there needs to be a change.

Have you ever seen a debate over, for example, gay marriage?  I've heard people speak against it, and I've heard it mentioned briefly in debates, but I have yet to see a true debate on the matter.  Perhaps the reason is because of how little actual data the anti-gay marriage side has (aside from bible verses, which should not be used when discussing a legal matter such as marriage).

In general, though, what's the deal?  Internet forums, though you have to dig to find them, tend to contain excellent, well-written assertions and responses.  However, these are obscure, long, and wordy, and are not feasible to present to a mass audience, such as through television.  Televised or recorded debates provide bite-sized chunks of useful information with the potential to reach a far larger audience.  These days, however, televised 'debates' tend to focus only on certain issues over others (for example, office elections over bill/law elections, government activities, etc.).

If anyone keeps up with debates on a regular basis, please let me know in the comments, links would be awesome :)


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