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The Advocating Reality Podcast - Episode #1 - Evolution, Creationism, and Intelligent Design

The first episode of the Advocating Reality podcast is up!  I did this one on my own, but I'm hoping to have a co-host or two for the next one.

This episode is an introduction to me and to the podcast, and the official topic is "Evolution, Creationism and Intelligent Design".

Comments are welcome!

Advocating Reality Podcast #1 - Evolution, Creationism & Intelligent Design
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On Evolution: Common Misconceptions and Deceptions

There are some critical misunderstandings of evolution out there, and I’d like to help clear some of them up.

Ray Comfort is offering $10,000 to the first person who provides evidence of a ‘living transitional form’, and he defines this as a species giving birth to an entirely different species, such as a squirrel giving birth to a bird, or a chicken giving birth to a snake.  Now, I personally think Ray is being patently dishonest, but this raises a good point about what people seem to think evolution is all about.

Let’s say that you are a paleontologist, and you have discovered fossils of a previously undocumented animal.  What you are looking at is a snapshot in time, as it were.  A ‘species’ is just that - it is a group of animals with particular shared characteristics, and when you look at a particular species, you are actually seeing the ‘current version’ of that genetic lineage.  If you take our hypothetical fossil find, you can determine approximately when that creature was alive…

Soul Society - Do Souls Exist?

Just uploaded to Youtube.