Attempt at A Unified Theory of Biblical Biology through Mutation and Special Selection, a Hypothetical Experiment of the Mind

The following is a summary of the hypothesis overall.

If Bibles could suddenly copulate and reproduce (say, from a miraculous event), assuming that all versions of the Christian Bible (Yes, including the Catholic Bible. Shame on all you Protestants for assuming I meant just yours) could initially reproduce with each other;


Given an amount of time [t] between generations [g] and a mutation rate of, say, approximately one word per generation;


Given an environment where the selection mechanic is determined by human agreement [A] on the Bible;


It should be possible to calculate roughly the minimum number of generations it would take before a speciation event [e] occurs which produces a generation of Bibles which is universally agreed upon, with a margin of error of, say, plus or minus 1,000 people (perhaps 100 words?).

The selection pressure would be determined by something like this:  Each generation [g] produces random mutations at the rate of approximately one word for each pairing event (copulation), in addition to whatever the result of the pairing happens to be.  Each generation [g] is selected for based on the changes which lead to an increase in the Agreement rating [A] of the child Bible.  If a given mutation has a higher chance of producing a Bible with a higher Agreement rating than the current generation, it will be selected for over mutations which do not.  There should also be a constant for every generation which allows for a certain amount of non-beneficial mutations to be para-selected for.

For overcoming physical limitations of language:  Assuming that every person on Earth exists within an objective reality, there must exist a sort of 'virtual' set of potential words which each have a universally agreed-upon meaning, even if they do not currently exist.  It doesn't matter if we don't already have such words, because the mutation factor will ultimately be trying every possible combination of letters and words.


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